Tekken 7 officially in development

After the Tekken 7 cat was accidentally let out of the bag earlier today, series producer Katsushiro Harada has officially confirmed that the game is in development – even though it wasn’t the project he’d planned to announce.

The fighter sequel was shown off at EVO 2014 in Las Vegas, after a trailer was leaked to the media a few hours earlier. Harada explains that he “had no choice” when it came to confirming the reveal.

Since it is leaked, I have no choice but to announce that certain title. But I didn’t have anything prepared, like a trailer, so I had to go back to my hotel room right away when I found out to put something together for you guys.

Harada explains that he actually has two more unannounced games in development, which he’s not talking about just yet. We may hear more about those two – and Tekken 7 – when the developer takes the stage at San Diego Comic-Con on July 25th.

Meanwhile, Harada has his own theories about just how the Tekken 7 news got into the wild today, jokingly blaming Street Fighter boss Yoshinori Ono.

I was surprised just waking up and seeing this news all of a sudden. The first thought that came into my head, it must have been Ono!

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