Maya prepares for Killer Instinct comeback

The second season of Killer Instinct is shaping up to be quite a nice one, as new developer Iron Galaxy confirms that Maya is making a comeback, joining already-confirmed character TJ Combo.

Killer Instinct believes in calling it like it sees it

Killer Instinct believes in calling it like it sees it

Maya’s new look was shown off today at EVO 2014, and even though we didn’t see any gameplay footage, fans are already very pleased with her new look and the few play-style details we’ve been told.

First up: Yep, she’s keeping both of her daggers. They’re named Temperance and Vengeance, and are used in all of her normal moves where other characters might throw punches.

The daggers can also be thrown together or separately, and if a throw goes too wide of its mark, Maya will lose all of its associated moves until she can go pick it up. Alternatively, if she hits a target, the blade will rebound, bringing the weapon back to her hand.

It’s a serious risk for some serious rewards – as long as you don’t miss a throw, your blades will level up, gaining new properties.

Killer Instinct: Maya's new stage

Killer Instinct: Maya’s new stage

The new Killer Instinct Maya is also getting her own new stage – City of Dawn, which looks appropriately stunning.

Fans weren’t necessarily expecting Maya’s great return just yet: The E3 trailer for Killer Instinct which announced TJ Combo also contained a sneaky tease of another upcoming character, believed to be Cinder. Nobody’s complaining about the Amazon Queen, however.

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