Riot deactivates all League of Legends skin codes

Riot Games is still tackling ill-meaning people in League of Legends, announcing that it is deactivating all previously issued skin codes for the game. The move has been designed to impact on third-party sites that have scammed gamers out of real money.

The scam was a simple bit of dishonesty: Third-party sites were promising limited-edition character skins and other goodies, and then delivering illegitimate codes – if they delivered anything at all.

Remember: While LoL is free-to-play, Riot makes money by selling skins for each playable hero, customising their appearance. The skins do not change the way the game plays, but can be a status symbol among gamers.

Riot explains:

These sites promise limited edition skins for League of Legends, when in reality they acquire codes illegitimately and exploit players. They charge excessive prices (we found one skin for over $1,000!) and sometimes take payment and never provide the content. You can’t predict the outcome, and no purchase is ever guaranteed regardless of what the seller says.

It doesn’t stop there: Riot explains on its forums that the company is also working with multiple payment processors, letting them know about these dodgy skin shops and suggesting they may like to sever contact.

Earlier this month, Riot also shut down League of Legends chatrooms in an effort to tackle spam and scams like this one.

If you’re a fan of League of Legends and have redeemed (authentic) skin codes in the past, nothing will change – your customised heroes will remain the way they are.

If you have purchased an authentic skin code but have not redeemed it, contact League of Legends Player Support and include proof of ownership – but make sure you do it soon! The studio is more than happy to make sure you’ll get your content, but will not be redeeming any skin codes for any reason after July 23.

For more information on the situation, head to the Code Cards FAQ.

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