New book a guided tour of The World of The Witcher

If you were enticed by Paddy’s preview of The Witcher 3 earlier today, CD Projekt RED and Dark Horse Comics have a treat for you: The World of The Witcher, an “essential companion” to The Witcher video game series.

The World of The Witcher

The World of The Witcher

Rafal Jaki, franchise director at CD Projekt RED explains:

The World of The Witcher is really unique, as it’s the first successful attempt at creating such a comprehensive compendium about the Witcher series of games and beyond. I’m sure gamers and fans of the universe will have tons of fun reading it.

…and it’s not just about the upcoming game, either. The World of The Witcher looks at each game in turn, featuring original, never-before-published artwork and details on characters, monsters and weaponry.

It’s a sort of “guided tour” of the dark fantasy adventure first created by Andrzej Sapkowski, offering in-depth knowledge about the locations you’ll visit – and the creatures (and humans!) you’ll find there. Even if you’ve read all the books and think you know all the trivia, there’s bound to be something new tucked away in here.

The World of the Witcher will be released on February 24, 2015 – pre-orders are available now at selected retailers.

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