Epic Games re-reveals Fortnite

Speaking of game developers sloggin’ away at stuff behind the scenes, here’s another one: Epic Games has finally shared another look at Fortnite with us. It’s been just about forever since we last heard from the studio, but we’re happy to report the game’s looking great – and you can check it out yourself in this new video.

The mysterious Storm has come and ravaged your homeland, leaving everything empty. You lead a group of Heroes, tasked with reclaiming and rebuilding everything you once knew. Band together and explore the world, gathering resources, building ridiculous and extravagant forts, creating (and finding) clever traps and crazy weapons, and protect your little town from the strange monsters still lurking about.

TL;DR: Build forts. Co-op. Kill monsters. Find stuff. Craft stuff. Huge procedural worlds. Save the day. Bacon.

While Epic obviously missed its plans to hit closed beta in 2013, there’s still an alpha test you can sign up for – we’re told that “some players will be let into the game this year”, while others will have to wait until 2015. In the absence of any firm release date, that’s a pretty major hint right there.

…and, because we know you’ll ask: Fortnite is currently a PC exclusive, but other platforms may show up in the future.

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