Gears of War voice actor hints at role in new game

We don’t know much yet about the new Gears of War game (as illustrated by the fact it doesn’t have a name yet), but we might have discovered one of the characters that’ll feature in it.

A young Augustus Cole in Gears of War: Judgment

A young Augustus Cole in Gears of War: Judgment

…or, at least, it looks like we know one of the voice actors playing one of the characters. Lester Speight, best known in gaming for his role as Augustus “Cole Train” Cole, has confirmed that he has been contacted about the upcoming release.

In a response to a fan who insisted that Speight reprise his role as the former Thrashball player turned COG soldier, and asked if the actor had “gotten a call about a new Gears”, Speight answered simply “Yup!”

The last time we saw Cole Train was in 2013’s Gears of War: Judgment, after his appearances in all three of the original Epic Games releases.

These days, the Gears of War franchise is owned by Microsoft, who has allocated development duties to Black Tusk Studios. The game’s in safe hands, however, with the studio’s “new” studio manager none other than former Gears man, Rod Fergusson.

The game, at this stage, is still in the early concept and prototyping stage, so other than, potentially, a few more snippets like this one, don’t expect to hear too much about a Gears of War return for a while yet.

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