PC-compatible Kinect on sale July 15

You’ll soon be able to buy a Kinect sensor for your PC, as Microsoft places the peripheral in its online store with a release date of July 15.

The PC-compatible Kinect

The PC-compatible Kinect

The news comes after the hardware giant stopped automatically bundling the Kinect with the Xbox One console, explaining that the decision gives gamers more options.

The new Kinect has removed the Xbox logo and is 100% PC-compatible, as Microsoft tests the theory that people will buy Kinect devices for purposes other than console gaming.

The store listing explains:

Develop interactive applications that recognize peoples’ natural movements, gestures, and voice commands. The Kinect for Windows v2 sensor gives developers more of the precision, responsiveness, and intuitive capabilities they need to develop interactive voice- and gesture-based applications for the Windows desktop and Windows Store. The v2 sensor is intended for use with the Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK) 2.0.

…of course, there’s a catch. The standalone PC peripheral will cost you US$200 (we’ve only been provided with North American prices at this stage) – that’s twice as much as the price difference between an Xbox One without Kinect and the hardware bundle containing the console and the sensor. Hmm.

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