Unreal Tournament looks at art, user experience

Looks like development on Unreal Tournament is going rather well over at Epic! The team is bombarding us with information (including a weekly Twitch Stream), and this week, we’ve been given not only concept art, but also a sneaky peek inside the world of User Experience.

[img_three]5974,2014-07-07/danpaz3d3.jpg,2014-07-07/gooba1.png,2014-07-07/zaibotsconcepts2.png,There’s more in the File Library![/img_three]

The massive share of concept art comes thanks to Art Director Chris Perna and Senior Environment Artist Rick Kohler, who are happy to both show off some of the artwork that’s been posted and offer some critique of the various pieces.

Some would say the more interesting thing this week though is the team’s Senior Designer Jim Brown, who sat down with Cognitive Psychologist Celia Hodent to chat about User Experience.

It turns out that Celia’s team has just completed a user experience test using Unreal Tournament 3, and she’s more than happy to share the results.

If you’re interested in User Experience design, Epic really wants to hear from you – the studio’s even offering a new forum, just for you guys.

The brand new Unreal Tournament is in development at Epic Games, with the team actively looking for input from fans. If you’re interested, an early prototype version of the game is playable now, but be prepared for some serious teething issues.

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