Fans discover 300+ cheat codes for Shovel Knight

Do you remember, back in the day, when PC games were studded with nifty little cheat codes? Some would do “useful” things – like give you infinite money – but others would just be funny, or cute, or otherwise interesting. The team at Yacht Club Games aims to re-create this part of gaming history, by packing new game Shovel Knight so full of neat codes that it takes an entire spreadsheet and team of detectives to keep track of them all.

[img_big]center,13890,2014-06-11/WUP-N_WKNE_gameplay_4.jpg,Shovel Knight[/img_big]

The cheat codes – which are typically varied in effect – were first listed as part of the Shovel Knight forums, but have since spilled over into a Google document. There are more than 300 cheat codes identified within the game, and each one is carefully being identified and documented by the game’s Steam community.

…because, of course, while people quickly discovered the list of codes, they didn’t necessarily discover what they do. Some will unlock extreme speed or super-high jumps, others make your enemies really powerful, and there’s one that puts the game into DuckTales mode.

The funniest one identified to date, according to the community? The Mighty Butt Mode, which replaces any mention of numerous recurring words in dialogue (Shovel, Knight, Health, Magic, etc.) with the word “Butt”, because gamers are a serious bunch.

Shovel Knight is available right now via Steam, combining 8-bit aesthetics and old-school action-adventure stylings into one handy-dandy package.

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