Transformers Universe kicks off open beta weekend

Seriously, guys. Tis the season for getting into pre-relese games! Transformers Universe is celebrating the July 4th weekend by heading into open beta, so if you’ve had enough of hanging out with family and being patriotic, you can go help bug-test an all-new MOBA. (There’s also a whopping US$75k prize pool on offer for top skill scores!)

Transformers Universe has been running in closed beta for a few months already, with Jagex wanting just a little more testing before releasing the game to the masses. This weekend – being both July 4 and the launch of the fourth live-action movie in the UK – seemed like the perfect timing!

What you’re looking at is both PvE and PvP, starring (who else?) but the Autobots and the Decepticons. There’s a number of gameplay modes, including a group dungeon style known as Crisis, and Meteor Storm, a base defense challenge.

Gamers will be awarded cash prizes for top skill scores, with the highest-ranking players winning up to US$3,000. If your skills are more in socialising rather than being a great gamer, there’s also prizes on offer for those who recruit the most new players into the community.

Transformers Universe gives you the chance to build your own Autobot or Decepticon, customising your weaponry, overall appearance and even your transformation. That’s right – these robots can all transform into vehicles (and back!) at any stage of the game. And just because they’re robots doesn’t mean the traditional niches aren’t filled – there are mechanical healers, damage dealers and tanks (which may double as actual tanks).

For the purists, it’s worth noting that Transformers Universe draws heavily on the Transformers: Prime series in terms of visual designs. Beloved characters like Optimus Prime and Megatron will appear in the game, but will not be playable, unlike other unique characters Jagex has created just for Universe, which you will be able to control.

Transformers Universe is browser-based and completely free, so you can play it anywhere – if you want in, head to the official website and join the 500,000 or so fans who have already signed up!

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