Otome title Ozmafia!! receiving an English release

Visual novels are just starting to emerge on a more visible level for English speaking audiences, but otome titles (where essentially the girl has a variety of men to romance, as opposed to the typical dating sim) are still a relatively unexplored area in terms of official English releases.

Developer Poni-Pachet is taking a step towards changing that, though, and announced that they localizing one of their otome titles, Ozmafia!!Ozmafia!!, as the title suggests, stars a girl that stays with the Oz family, a mafia organization.  The men themselves are based off characters of the Wizard of Oz, so you get to romance mafia equivalents of the Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and more.



The developer is apparently doing this to counteract English users downloading illegal copies of the title, and to make it more accessible to fans that want to own the game.  There’s no current release date, nor method of distribution, announced yet.

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