Insomniac returns to indie roots with Slow Down, Bull

Insomniac Games has announced another new project. Not only are developers working on Sunset Overdrive, Outernauts and both the film adaptation and reboot of Ratchet & Clank, but you can now add Slow Down, Bull to the roster as well.

Slow Down, Bull Key Art

Slow Down, Bull!

Lisa Brown is a designer at the studio, and she’s in charge of this new team – a group of just 4-5 people working on what sounds like an intriguing endeavour. Brown namechecks Double Fine‘s Amnesia Fortnight, and Vlambeer‘s Nuclear Throne, commenting that indie games are making all sorts of “fun, amazing things”.

So – why shouldn’t Insomniac get in on those fun, amazing things? It’s an indie studio too, right?

While we’ve been a 100 percent independent game developer for 20 years now, few people would classify us as “indie” even though we pride ourselves on that very spirit. For example, many folks don’t know that Insomniac founder and CEO Ted Price burned through his life savings creating our first game demo, literally down to his last dollars when he signed a three-game deal with Universal. Chief Technology Officer Alex Hastings was sleeping on Ted’s couch when he wasn’t madly programming Insomniac’s first engine. Several weeks later Brian Hastings, Insomniac’s Chief Creative Officer joined to bring more programming power and ideas to the party. The three dove headfirst into production, all wearing lots of hats. When I think of the term garage developer it’s an apt moniker for how Ted, Al and Brian describe their early days.

Slow Down, Bull is the first mini-project the development team is creating. You take control of a bull, and try to collect (and protect!) valuable objects. Somewhat predictably, the bull (whose name is Axel) isn’t the most patient of creatures, and he’s constantly fighting the urge to destroy the things he is collecting. So, your task? Help Axel achieve his goals while keeping his bullish instincts in check – and manage the anxiety that comes with the balancing act!

Development on the game is already underway, and you can take a sneaky peek at what the team’s up to every week, as Slow Down, Bull hijacks the Insomniac Twitch Stream on Fridays at 2pm PST (What’s that in my timezone?).

Join in the fun, stay tuned for more developer updates, and keep an eye out for more projects on the way from Insomniac!

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