More people play Minecraft on console than PC

Mojang has made the unusual announcement that the console version of Minecraft is now officially outselling the PC/Mac versions.

We haven’t yet seen the actual numeric breakdowns of how many people are buying the game where, but Mojang Data Analyst Patrick Geuder explains that more than 54 million copies of the game have been sold across the board.

That number’s grown by 4 million in just a couple of months – Mojang reported sales figures approaching 50 million back in April this year. That time, we did get the platform breakdowns: 15 million PC, 21 million mobile and handheld, 12 million Xbox 360, and 1.5 million on the freshly-launched PS3. (We’re assuming that a whole bunch of those new 4m users are on PlayStation, given those figures.)

Keep in mind that Minecraft is currently available in a number of places – Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS and Android – and it’s headed to PS4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One later this year, for full market saturation.

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