Road Not Taken focusses on life's surprises

Hit the road, Jack! Specifically: Road Not Taken, the new puzzler in the works at Triple Town creator Spry Fox. The super-cute rogue-like is headed to PS4 and PC in the first week of August (headed to Vita a little later), and the team’s decided to celebrate with a little throwback to days of yore.

If you’ve stuck with us through that, I have a few more details for you. Road Not Taken is a puzzle game about life’s little surprises. You play as a ranger, adventuring through a vast forest, rescuing lost children. Sounds simple enough, but the paths you take will change each time, the relationships you pursue will twist, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of not just an unforgiving forest, but also a very different story than the one you thought you’d started. Put simply: It’s “just like real life”.

Road Not Taken will hit PS4 and PC (via Steam) on August 5th in North America, August 6th in Europe, and later this year on PlayStation Vita. You can colour us intrigued.

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