Stalker devs working on spiritual successor

If you’ve never been huddled in a corner, hiding from the muffled yells of savage bandits, frantically counting what little bullets you have left to jam into your dirty, rusted AK and just hoping it won’t jam on you when they find you and try to take your cans of beans- then you my friend, haven’t played Stalker!

Okay! Let me put a lid on my obvious fanboysim for a second. So, the former developers of Metro and the long dormant Stalker series have come together to form a new studio, West Games, and create a spiritual successor to their cult hit, post-apocalyptic, survival horror franchise.


Ariel will be an open, post-apocalyptic world game, where a player must scavenge to survive in an environment deteriorating from mysterious anomalies and full of mutated monstrosities. Sounds kinda, exactly like Stalker right? Well, I’m totally cool with that!

Ariel is currently on Kickstarter, with West Games looking to generate $50,000 for the project, which is in development for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and even WiiU!

According to the developers, Ariel will be almost completely open ended and include a “non-linear and branching story-line that makes every person’s experience unique.”

If you’re at all like me and have past times that include speaking in a terrible Russian accent, eating canned goods and trying to buy Metro passes with pre-war bullets, then have a little look at the Kickstarter page here!

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