Diablo III Auction Houses close today

If you still haven’t gotten the message that the Diablo III auction houses are being shut down, time’s running out. Both the real-money auction house and the gold auction house will be closed for good in just a few hours at midnight June 24 PST (What’s that in my timezone?).

The studio warns:

The Auction House is shutting down. You must claim your items from the Completed tab by 6/24. Existing auctions will complete based on the time remaining.

Items and gold not claimed by this date will be consumed by Treasure Goblins, never to be seen again.

If you have somehow missed the memo, you must have been trying hard. The first step towards closure happened back in March, when the ability to Bid, Buyout and list new auctions was removed. Since then, the auction houses have only been left open so that everybody can retrieve their gold and items from the Completed tab.

So! If you’re finally remembering that you’ve got a pile of stuff there to be claimed, now is the time to act. Click the standard gavel icon inside Diablo III, select the auction house you’re interested in, and head to the Completed tab on the far right to grab your goodies.

Any items or gold left in the Completed tab or its backlog will be removed permanently from the game after June 24th, so don’t forget about your treasures!

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