inFamous: First Light standalone hits in August

Sucker Punch recently announced that inFamous: Second Son would get its very own downloadable standalone expansion in the form of First Light. Today, the studio’s revealed that we don’t have long to wait: This brand new content will be hitting the PlayStation 4 on August 26th.

inFamous: First Light focusses its attentions on Abigail Walker, the conduit with neon powers better known as Fetch. The game will play through some of her darkest memories of time spent imprisoned due to her super-human abilities, bringing another new perspective to the inFamous universe.

This one’s a sort of hybrid DLC/expansion release – but regardless of what you call it, the most important fact here is that it is standalone, so you don’t need a copy of inFamous: Second Son in order to play. Instead, you can fork over your US$15 (prices may vary by region) and play to your heart’s content.

Perhaps, if you haven’t tried Second Son but wanted a cheap way to try it out, this might be a handy solution.

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