Get ready to get hooked on Tiny Tower Vegas

David Marsh from NimbleBit has been teasing us with Twitter images of what looks like a new Tiny Tower for months now, but the studio’s taken its sweet time to actually take the wraps off of Tiny Tower Vegas, coming “soon” to mobile devices.

Tiny Tower Vegas Tiny Tower Vegas
Tiny Tower Vegas

Tiny Tower Vegas promises a return to all the nifty/addictive goodness we saw in the original game: Bitizens, jobs, elevators, and BitBook (of course!), while also throwing in a few spangly Vegas touches, like playable casino game floors.

We’re promised 16 new and unlockable characters, player clubs that you can join, and more than 100 original floors to build.

Importantly for Tiny Tower fans, the studio is quick to point out that – unlike Tiny Death Star – the new game will run happily on older hardware. Specifically: If your device can play Pocket Trains, it should be able to play Tiny Tower Vegas.

No release date for this one juuust yet, but the NimbleBit team is working towards a beta “around the end of the month”.

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