Bayonetta anime getting North American release

Late last year, Japanese audiences were treated to a feature-length anime based on Bayonetta. At the time, there was no word on whether the “enchanging and sadistic witch” would make it out of the country – but today, we’ve received word that a North American release is on the cards, making us hopeful for the rest of the world.

Funimation is a film and TV production company that also does its fair share of anime localisation and distribution, including bringing the original Dragon Ball Z to American audiences.

Now, the company is turning its attention to Bayonetta: Bloody Fate, promising a localisation that “faithfully captures the extreme action and sexiness of the original”, with Afro Samurai director Fuminori Kizaki in the chair, working with Studio GONZO once again.

We don’t have any news just yet on a release date (or whether Funimation will take the film to other territories), but director Kizaki will also be appearing as a guest of honour at this year’s Los Angeles Anime Expo. He’s promising a “sneak peek” of the English dub of Bloody Fate for lucky expo attendees, complete with director Q&A from 8:15pm July 5th in Video hall 1.

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