Has Xbox leaked the Batman: Arkham Knight date?

When we first heard about Batman: Arkham Knight, we were promised a “nice, flexible 2014” – but that was quickly pushed back to 2015. Now, while Rocksteady is keeping quiet on actual dates, it seems certain online retailers aren’t quite so tight-lipped.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Is this the Batman: Arkham Knight release date?

That screengrab is from the Microsoft store, clearly advertising February 24, 2015 as a release date.

This could well be a placeholder, but those typically use nice neat numbers like December 31st, January 1st, or the beginning/end dates of calendar quarters. This date – a Tuesday – is none of those, and does seem like a sensible time to launch a game.

Eagle-eyed gamers spotted the date over the weekend and caused the usual online kerfuffle about it, but at this stage, the listing remains unaltered. Of course, the date – if legit – does only refer to the Xbox One version of the game. Batman: Arkham Knight is also headed to PlayStation 4 and PC, making it Rocksteady‘s first next-gen release.

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