World of Warcraft: Faction-free character hits L90

Remember Doubleagent? He’s still refusing to pick a side in World of Warcraft, and is now officially the first neutral in-game character to reach level 90.

Due to the way World of Warcraft is set up, characters are unable to leave their starting location until they choose to align themselves either with the Alliance or the Horde, so Doubleagent has been stuck on the Wandering Isle for all this time – roughly 174 days played. Unable to complete even the most simple of additional quests, he’s been forced to pick herbs, gaining 20-30XP per node.

WoW: Doubleagent is now Level 90

WoW: Doubleagent is now Level 90

Doubleagent explains:

Before Beta started, i heard about Pandaren being neutral until level 10. I, naurally, was curious if there was mining/herbalism nodes there knew it would likely be possible to exceed that number. Back in September 2012, I started leveling my Pandaren, Doubleagent with the goal of hitting level cap on it.

For more insight into the experience, Doubleagent has compiled a 40+ minute video of the achievement, and released a handy FAQ that answers, among other things, the eternal question: “Isn’t this BORING?”.

Doubleagent has earned himself a rest after reaching the current WoW level cap – which is convenient, as we still don’t know when Warlords of Draenor will arrive and increase the cap to 100. But when it gets here, we know what Doubleagent will be doing.

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