OH MY GOD IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR!! Every other holiday period in the calendar year can get outta here, ’cause it’s Steam Summer Sale baby!

Praise it!

Praise it!

Below I’ve gathered a list of the first games to go on sale. So take a peak, remember what it’s like to have money in your bank account, kiss goodbye to social interaction and repeat the line “I’ll buy just one more game and then I’ll stop…”

DAILY DEALS (these change every day)

DayZ for $25.49 (regularly $29.99)

Dead Rising 3 for $37.49 (regularly $49.99)

Democracy 3 for $8.49 (regularly $24.99)

Divinity Original Sin for $31.99 (regularly $39.99)

Don’t Starve for $3.74 (regularly $14.99)

Far Cry 3 for $7.49 (regularly $29.99)

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion for $7.99 (regularly $39.99)

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition for $3.99 (regularly $19.99)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for $8.49 (regularly $29.99)

FLASH SALES (these change every 8 hours)

Dead Island Riptide for $4.99 (regularly $19.99)

DmC: Devil May Cry for $12.49 (regularly $49.99)

Hotline Miami for $1.49 (regularly $9.99)

Mirror’s Edge for $4.99 (regularly $19.99)

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