Dead Rising movie shambling onto Sony's Crackle service

In the midst of E3, it looks like Sony is essentially the king of exclusives again, wrapping up both console exclusive games and timed exclusives like they’re going out style! But it doesn’t end there, according to a report out of Variety , Capcom’s Dead Rising is being adapted into a feature length movie that will exclusively stream first on Sony’s video service, Crackle.

Dead Rising 2

The Dead Rising adaptation will be directed by Tim Carter and produced by Tomas Harlan (the guys that made that awesome Mortal Komabt: Legacy web series), with executive producer credits going to Lorenzo di Bonaventura (he produced a couple of little known films, you know, Transformers and G.I. Joe).

Sony has said that after its exclusive run of Crackle, the Dead Rising movie will be available on-demand and in good ol’ physical media format too!

Crackle apps are available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles alike, as well as mobile devices and smart TVs.

Knowing the chances of this being good are 897:1, a little bit of me is still excited to see my main man Frank West running around causing undead, mall based chaos! It’ll be like “Chopping Mall” only with characters I kinda care about! (You can thank me later for introducing you that classic piece of schlock!)

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