The King of Fighters gets rhythmic

SNK Playmore’s classic fighting series, The King of Fighters, has seen many reboots and weird tangential iterations since it first punched its way onto the scene in ’94. We’ve had straight up 1 on 1 fighting, team battles, a card based RPG, a vertical shoot ’em up, hell, there’s even a MOBA on the way! But never a rhythm game, well, not until now anyway.

The Rhythm of Fighters

The Rhythm of Fighters

This new foray into the rhythm based market will be “ingeniously” named The Rhythm of Fighters and will launch for Android and iOS mobile devices “soon,” according to the game’s official website.

Very few details have actually been announced on the website, other than that it seems to have a female spin on series favorite fighter Terry Bogard and will be “packed with legendary SNK tracks.” (If it doesn’t feature Kim’s stage from Garou: Mark of the Wolves someone needs to be fired!)

So get them fingers ready and try not to get burning knuckles kids!

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