Team Fortress 2 Love & War update targets gluten

“Tumour-filled, sentient bread” isn’t a phrase you’d expect to hear added to most games, but Team Fortress 2 has always done things a little differently. Day 2 of the Love & War Update has just rolled out, and the aforementioned bread has been used in – what else? – boxing gloves.

You can’t have love without war. Or maybe you can. Honestly, we didn’t put a lot of research into it. We were too busy making all these great guns.

As if Day 1 wasn’t good enough, today’s introductions to TF2 include a scatter gun that will minicrit your target – as long as you’re firing at their back; a new shield promising 25% resistance for both fire and explosive damage; a new parachute; a sniper rifle that can charge and fire shots independent of zoom; and a shiny new rocket launcher, with a clip size that increases based on your kill count.

There’s also some tasty bread-themed inclusions, a new pile of achievements, and more Ms. Pauling… plus, as always, the promise of even more things to come to Team Fortress 2!

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