Team Fortress 2 update is all about Love & War

Yesterday’s countdown for Team Fortress 2 has come to an end, with Valve unveiling the somewhat intriguing Love & War update. And while today’s announcement is pretty shiny, we’re told that this is just the beginning.

To start off with, here. Have a brand new short film – Expiration Date – although given that this one is 15 minutes long, “short” is all relative.

(…and yes, that is Ashly Burch as Ms. Pauling, in case it was nagging at you too!)

While it’s fun enough as a standalone piece, look carefully and you’ll spot a whole bunch of upcoming game content, including a number of fancy dance moves, “hand-based games of chance”, flipping, and …of course… “the ultimate expression of affection, administering traumatic brain injury directly to a teammate’s skull”. (We wouldn’t have it any other way.)

But! That’s not all. The official Love & War page boasts quite clearly that this is just Day 1 of the update’s rollout for Team Fortress 2, and while we’d be happy enough with the new taunts and pile of achievements, it seems Valve has a little more up its sleeve… but we’ll have to wait and see.

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