Patch makes women more emotional in The Forest

It seems the developers of indie smash The Forest are of the opinion that male survivors are built of stronger stuff than their female counterparts. We don’t mean physically, but emotionally, with the game’s latest update introducing a little hysterical instability to the ladies.

The first big update for the game, which rolled out yesterday, brings with it some nifty bug fixes and optimisations (as well as being incompatible with earlier saved games), but also brings with it a handful of gameplay tweaks. Among them? “Females will sometimes freak out at dying family members”.

Other new features and gameplay tweaks are pretty lovely – the AI will now recognise when enemy friends are in danger and pull them to safety – but really, do we need female characters to react in a different way to the men?

Version 0.02 Changelog – New features and gameplay tweaks:

  • Sharks
  • Simple raft now buildable via book (No Sail yet!)
  • Walls can now snap to form floors and roofs (experimental, can defy gravity)
  • New suprise item added to yacht
  • When being knocked out for first time you will now wake up in a random cave
  • Lowered fall damage amount
  • Birds can be killed with fire
  • Stamina recharge now takes longer
  • You can now block attacks with the red plane axe by holding down right mouse button
  • Timmy taken scene a little more dramatic, better lighting, sparks
  • Lowered intensity and range of fire light
  • Lowered health on turtle
  • Improved fish movement
  • Increased range of lighter
  • Enemies will drag downed friends out of danger again
  • Females will sometimes freak out at dying family members

If you disagree with Endnight‘s decision to make women more emotionally vulnerable, tell them! The game’s Community Hub is there for exactly this purpose, this is the perfect opportunity to voice your concerns.

The Forest is currently in Early Access, but has taken over the Steam best-seller charts for the past couple of weeks, proving that polish isn’t everything.

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