Ubisoft explains free multiplayer for Far Cry 4

Obviously, Ubisoft wants you to buy Far Cry 4, but if you’re not convinced that the open world first-person shooter is for you, there’s another option. A standalone app will allow you to jump into the game’s co-op mode without ever buying your own copy.

The functionality was announced last week in the vaguest of terms, but Ubisoft has now started discussing details.

Basically, when someone buys a copy of Far Cry 4, they’ll be given ten invitations to share among their friends. These invitations allow you to download the app, which contains all Far Cry 4 content except for the story-based single-player missions, which are only offered to paying customers.

The app itself won’t let you play by yourself, but means you can join a friend’s lobby as Player 2: Hurk from Far Cry 3 – the only character to appear in the series twice.

The theory is that you’ll fall in love with Far Cry 4 in co-op and want to explore the single player side of things – and to do that, you’ll need to buy the full game. Of course!

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