Yoshinori Ono leaves Capcom Vancouver

Yoshinori Ono has stepped down from the director position at Capcom Vancouver, where he’s been working on the Street Fighter IV series. He quickly pointed out that he is staying with Capcom as a whole – and he’s still involved in all of the same projects – but he’s turning his attentions away from the Canadian studio (and presumably taking Blanka with him).

Yoshinori Ono, with Blanka

Yoshinori Ono, with Blanka

The initial announcement came via Twitter:

I resigned from the director position about [sic] CAPCOM Vancouver. Thanks good staff of CAPCOM Vancouver, and Dead Rising staff!

…so what will he be doing now instead?

I had take some time, I think over very carefully about next things. I’d like to watch TV for Brazil World Cup before thinking it! 😀

Ono also explains that he is “thinking about where to go in summer vacation season”, considering finding a role that will combine “interest and instruction”.

It is not yet known just how Ono’s departure will impact on Capcom Vancouver or the potential future of the as-yet unannounced Street Fighter V.

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