UKIE Game Charts, Week 24 2014

We love charts here at Player Attack, and one of the highlights of our week is receiving the latest details from UKIE, who send us the 10 best-selling titles in Britain, as announced by The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment.


So, thanks to that little convention last week, we seem to have skipped over the UKIE charts, but rest assured you didn’t miss too much: Watch_Dogs stuck it out in the top spot then, and it’s here again this week despite a 47% drop in sales.

Don’t expect it to stick around for a fourth consecutive week, though – 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is the fastest climber in the top 10, clambering up from #6 to #2 as gamers want to get in on the real-world football action. EA‘s other soccer game, FIFA 14 is still hanging on – it didn’t quite get the World Cup boost, but it’s sunk its claws in at #5.

(…and yes, you can see two versions of Minecraft hangin’ out there – it seems gamers on both consoles are equally enamoured with building blocky worlds.)

WEEK 22 YEAR 2014
LW TW Title Age Rating Publisher
1 1 Watch Dogs PEGI 18+ Ubisoft
6 2 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil PEGI 3+ EA Sports
4 3 Wolfenstein: The New Order PEGI 18+ Bethesda Softworks
2 4 Mario Kart 8 PEGI 3+ Nintendo
5 5 FIFA 14 PEGI 3+ EA Sports
9 6 Titanfall PEGI 16+ EA Games
7 7 Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition PEGI 7+ Sony Computer Ent.
8 8 Call of Duty: Ghosts PEGI 16+ Activision
3 9 Murdered: Soul Suspect PEGI 16+ Square Enix
10 10 Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition PEGI 7+ Microsoft

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