Bloodborne maintains that it is not a Souls game

Developer FromSoftware is swearing black and blue that Bloodborne is totally not a sequel to the Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls franchise, but the rest of the world remains not-entirely-convinced. A new leaked gameplay trailer shows a pre-E3 build of the game formerly known as Project Beast, and it’s lookin’ awful familiar in terms of setting, style and tone.

Bloodborne is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4, and was highlighted at the PlayStation press conference last week. That said, we haven’t officially been shown much of what’s in store.

There’s an official trailer, and some footage has snuck out of some behind-closed-doors demonstrations last week, while the video shown above is believed to have come from last year’s scrapped Tokyo Game Show demonstration.

Things will have inevitably changed – and may well change again – before Bloodborne hits shelves. We don’t yet have a release date beyond 2015, so FromSoftware still has some time to convince us this isn’t just more of the same… but even if it is, is that really so bad?

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