Double Fine explains Massive Chalice on Xbox One

In case you missed it, Double Fine has actually held two super-successful crowdfunding exercises. The second of these is Massive Chalice, a tactical strategy game highlighted at E3 as an Xbox One console exclusive.

For fans of the game who backed the PC-only project (raising a total of US$1,229,014 compared to the US$750,000 funding goal set by Double Fine), the situation’s a little confusing at first. It really shouldn’t be though, as project lead Brad Muir explains:

Nothing has changed with our plans to bring Massive Chalice to the PC and to make it available for our backers first. YEAH!

The only thing that has changed: The studio will also be working on porting the game to the Xbox One, and it’s getting a little help along the way.

We’re super stoked to have this additional support in giving Massive Chalice the next-gen console treatment!

Described as a hybrid of Final Fantasy Tactics and X-COM, with some breeding and bloodlines mechanics thrown in, Massive Chalice also takes on a “mighty century-spanning dynasty” and the topic of permadeath.

  • Your story emerges as you defend against attacks, complete quests, and respond to randomized events in your attempt to preserve the kingdom.
  • Line of sight and fog of war mechanics come into play as your squad explores beautiful dynamic 3D battlefields where danger may lurk behind any corner.
  • Distinct, customizable heroes learn new melee, ranged, and arcane abilities as they age and gain combat experience.
  • Arrange marriage alliances to ensure your heroic bloodlines can handle any future combat situation.
  • Battle alongside your ancestors by equipping your heroes with uniquely powerful Bloodline Relics.
  • Invest your resources in forging new weapons and armor—and gamble on polluting a bloodline by researching dangerous demonic artifacts.

No release date for this one juuust yet, but Massive Chalice should be out before the end of the year – if we haven’t seen it by Christmas, you have permission to start asking questions.

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