Hatoful Boyfriend is flying to the West

If you’ve played visual novels, you know how a lot of them go.  You play as a young man or woman, and eventually fall in love with another person (usually a classmate), and embark on a tale of love and emotions.  Of course, not every visual novel falls into this plot line, Narcissu being a notable example, but a majority of them do involve some form of dating.

But what if your school was full of dateable… pigeons?  Hatoful Boyfriend is just that.  You star as the only human female in an all-boys pigeon school, and you work to build relationships with the various bird-folk at the school.

Look, don't ask questions, it's pigeon school.

Look, don’t ask questions, it’s pigeon school.

The original Hatoful Boyfriend released in Japan in 2011, and while the original and its sequel, Hatoful Boyfriend: HolidayStar received English language patches, the titles were never officially released outside Japan.  Thankfully, publisher Digital Revolver is here to rectify that mistake, as they are not only going to officially localize Hatoful Boyfriend for the PC and Mac, but are working with developer Mediatonic to remake the game.  Because we all need more pigeon love in our life.

Of course, no set release date is available, but expect more news on this bird-ridden visual novel as progress is made on the remake.

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