29 Atlus new RPG Citizens of Earth set for Nintendo platforms

Here’s a juicy little nugget that seems to of snuck under the radar of most folks. Atlus is releasing a new zany RGP for Nintendo systems called Citizens of Earth!


You’ve been elected Vice President of the World (because why the hell not?!) and you’ve decided to head back to your hometown for a good bit of R&R after a long campaign road. After having a good nights sleep, you wake up to a world gone crazy! As an officially elected bureaucratic it falls to you to discover whats behind the madness and assemble survivors into a crack team to do your bidding…and lynch crabs wearing traffic cones!

citizen of earth

The games got a definite Earthbound feel, which is a feeling I’ve long forgotten and rather like, especially in the off the wall enemies and tongue in cheek humor. No word on when or on what Nintendo consoles this will release but stay tuned to Player Attack for more info as it develops!

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