29 Sony announces Project Beasts final petrifying form: Bloodborne!

Oh my sweet merciful god! Project Beast finally has an actual title: Bloodborne!

Coming from creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki and Fromsoftware, Bloodborne oozes of desperation and claustrophobia in a petrifying dark Gothic environment! The trailer shows a mysterious character with a unique blade being hunted by (hollow looking) zombie villagers and skinless dogs, throughout a decaying urban jungle. There’s blood, oh there’s blood. There’s darkness. And, wait for it, there looks like huge frickin’ bosses!

It was all pre-rendered, so I can’t comment on the gameplay but it has that signature Miyazaki/ Dark Souls vibe, so needless to say I’m excited…and ready to die! Bloodborne will be kicking your ass in 2015!

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