29 Ubisoft drops a literal bomb with new Rainbow 6: Siege

Holy crap on a whole wheat cracker! We thought the event was over then Ubisoft dropped a literal bomb announcing a new title Rainbow 6: Siege.

They debuted pre-alpha gameplay, which showed off a multiplayer 5v5 match, where counter-terrorists were trying to snatch a grab a hostage from a bunch of well outfitted terrorists, who had barricaded themselves in an idyllic suburban two story home.

The game showed off beautiful visuals, modern gadgets for scoping out the opposition (like an iPhone controlled drones) and amazing, fully destructible scenery! Not only does this destruction look insane (the way the wood splinters!) but it serves a as a gameplay mechanic. Sniper doesn’t have a clear shot? Make a window for them with a shotgun blast! Hands down, game of the presser right here in my opinion!

Check it out for yourself here!

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