29 Emotions run wild in The Sims 4

We knew The Sims 4 would be shown off at E3 this year, but it’s still pretty great to see it in the (digital) flesh. We’ve finally been given a proper look at how much of an effect emotions will have on the game, and it’s something a little bit exciting.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4

An ambitious Sim has had an argument (over poetry, no less), and he’s in a foul mood. He takes that anger into the gym, and works out harder than he ever has before. Afterward, he’s tired and still grumpy, so he decides to cheer himself up by throwing a massive party.

…and the party isn’t exciting enough, so it’s a simple matter of going to the online marketplace and downloading a new, fully-featured Sim with her own personality to liven things up. You aren’t just sharing new looks and new faces, you’re sharing entire people… and houses and items and just about everything. More details on that one to come, obviously.

The Sims 4 will hit shelves on September 2nd – just in time for my half-birthday!

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