29 Watch all the 2014 pre-E3 press conferences!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is officially Gaming Christmas time once again, as we settle into various locations around Los Angeles for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo – that is, E3! Technically, the show kicks off tomorrow (Tuesday in this part of the world), but today is crammed full of press conferences and other such fun things. Stay with us here on Player Attack and you can watch all the streams live, as they happen, or check out all our E3 coverage for the bigger picture.

First off: Microsoft / Xbox, who have the traditionally-green themed show to start proceedings at 9:30am PDT (What’s that in my timezone?), and you can watch all the action right here!

Following on soon after that, EA! This one kicks off at midday PST Monday June 10 in LA (What’s that in my timezone?), and that one will be right here.

Number three, of course, is Ubisoft, coming up at 3pm PDT (What’s that in my timezone?). As always, here’s the stream!

And finally today: Sony / PlayStation! It’s a bit of a twilight affair, kicking off at 6pm (What’s that in my timezone?), and wrapping up the pre-show in style. Take a look!

It doesn’t end today though! E3 2014 runs from Tuesday-Thursday here in LA, and we’ve got all the news that’s fit to print. Stick around, this could be a bumpy ride.

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