29 Ubisoft goes straight for the jugular with Far Cry 4!

The lights dimmed, the crowd went silent and BAM! Ubisoft opened their presser with the first 5 minutes of Far Cry 4! We got treated to a tense introduction (on par with the first 20 minutes of Inglorious Bastards!) to our protagonist (who looks strangely like Jason Brody) and our new Vaas, a plum pant sporting, Skrillex haircut inspired, mad man with a penchant for stabbing people violently!

The lead designer stated (and I’m paraphrasing slightly) “We give you a passport, some money and a gun, and then, well…your ****ed!”

Obviously rendered in engine (as it’s the opening) and it looks pretty damn gorgeous!

Video coming as soon as I can get my excited little hands on it!

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