PSP title Brandish: The Dark Revenant to be localized

XSEED is not giving up on the PlayStation Portable, and have announced a new localization for the last-gen portable: Brandish: The Dark Revenant.

The Brandish series, by Ys and Legend of Heroes developer Falcom, is not well known outside of Japan.  The Dark Revenant is a remake of the original Brandish title, which came out on the PC-98, as well as the Super Nintendo.

Get ready for some seriously old-school action.

Get ready for some seriously old-school action.

In Brandish: The Dark Revenant, you play as Ares, a swordsman trapped in a deadly maze and looking to make an escape.  He is also accosted by the sorceress Dela, who is out for the swordman’s blood.

The story isn’t all that exciting sounding (this is a rather old title, after all), but the rouge-like elements of the game are sure to intrigue fans of the genre.  Brandish: The Dark Revenant will release digitally sometime this year, although the release date and price aren’t currently ironed out.

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