Adachi DLC confirmed for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Terrifying.  A new character has been announced for the Atlus/Arc System Works fighting game Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, and it’s none other than Adachi himself.  The Persona 4 character is not actually fully integrated into the console release, but is instead a DLC character.  Those in Japan that pick up a first-print run of Ultimax will be able to get Adachi for free; it’s unknown whether or not other territories will get a similar deal.  Also, the price tag for this DLC is currently unknown, though an assumption based on Arc System‘s past DLC prices could put Adachi in the $8-$10 dollar range.

Just jumpin' for joy, here.

Just jumpin’ for joy, here.

Adachi’s Persona is Matsu-Izanagi, and he will have his own chapter in the storyline (whether this is canon or not is not confirmed).  Nothing is known about Adachi’s fighting style at the moment.  More information will likely to be available as the title moves towards its late Summer/early Fall release.

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