FranknJohn bashes its way onto PC

Being based in Ireland, I have the good fortune to be involved with the Irish game development scene. Over the past few years I have seen companies come and go, but one company that shows a resilience unparalleled of yet is BitSmith Games based in the heart of Dublin City.

BitSmith released their first game Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan early last year on iOS, PC and Android. The game was more a testing ground in terms of bringing a game to market, but still managed to be a beautiful little action RPG at the same time. Around that time on a visit to the BitSmith offices I got to see the origin’s of FranknJohn – their next title.

FranknJohn is the titular character, who uses his head to defeat a ferocious onslaught of opponents. No… I don’t mean he beats them intellectually. I mean that he literally takes┬áhis head -which is attached to a chain – and swings it with gusto into a cavalcade of bizarre beasties. Over the course of ┬áthe year, I received occasional builds from the guys and they got progressively better – as is often the case. However, just before April’s DubLudo event, BitSmith completely overhauled the fundamentals of FranknJohns combat… The result was something glorious.


FranknJohn has a beautiful and unique visual style and engaging combat.

Now, FranknJohn is on Kickstarter as BitSmith need some funds to work full time on the project. It’s been met with applause from a variety of media outlets and has managed to raise around 20% of it’s target in only a matter of days. However, they could still do with some assistance. Why not pop over to the FranknJohn Kickstarter page and see if it piques your interest? Maybe peruse some of the rewards and check out a gameplay video or two.

Backers will get a version of FranknJohn Arena to play RIGHT NOW, so it’s worth investing even a little to check the game out.

FranknJohn is a bizarre little rogue-like with tons of charm and great gameplay. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from FnJ and this studio in the future, regardless of how the Kickstarter Campaign goes.

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