DriveClub shows off 51 facts why it's going to be the best racer ever

Surprisingly (for some) I’m rather partial to an in depth racing sim. I get excited by the little things like rigorously tuning gear ratios and adjusting camber by .2 of a degree. So as soon as you start throwing around big boy facts about how your racing sim is basically going to annihilate the competition, my ears perk up.

After reading SCEE blog manager Fred Dutton’s 51 facts about Evolution Studios’ upcoming racing game DriveClub, my figurative engine roared to life!


Sure, there’s regular stuff on there about day to night cycles and how many polygons make up each car (which is a lot by the way) but then BAM! They start talking NASA! The developers used data from NASA to accurately map out the sky, landscapes and mountain formations! That’s just insane amounts of cool! But it doesn’t stop there, DriveClub uses technical data from each car manufacturer to create realistic performance, with each car taking about seven months to make, including initial licensing and asset production, and with more than 500 material types being applied to the game’s vehicles.

The opponent AI is dynamic, adapting their racing strategies to what’s going on around them and always calculating “overtaking opportunities”. Oh, you can also expect load times of around 15 seconds, no big thing, right!?

The full list of facts can be seen here on the Playstation Blog but you better believe as soon as this game goes live on Oct. 7, you better watch out for my painstakingly, recreated Datsun rust bucket! It’s gonna get ya!

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