29 Natsume's bringing the goods to E3

While Natsume may no longer be publishing the official Harvest Moon games in the West, they still have big plans for this year’s E3 event.  The publisher will be bringing a lot to the show this year, and Natsume‘s community manager’s blog gives insight into just how much we’ll be seeing this year.

First, the PSP title End of Serenity will be making a playable debut at the event.  End of Serenity was originally a mobile RPG by Kemco, and Natsume is reworking the translation and bringing it to the Sony portable.  Natsume also did this last year with another Kemco RPG, Mystic Chronicles, so this is not their first foray into the mobile porting scene.

What, you've never seen a Kemco game before? Yes, most all of them look like that.

End of Serenity, full of Iron Fist Frenzy action.

Next, Natsume will bringing multiple iOS games with them to E3.  Hometown Story: Pocket is a variation of the 3DS title which focuses only on the shopkeeping aspect of the game… make sure to keep your shelves stocked!  Gabrielle’s Monstrous Duel is a sequel to another 3DS title, Gabrielle’s Ghastly Groove.  Rather than being a rhythm based title, though, Monstrous Duel involves choosing the right items at the right time, so it seems to be a fast paced, somewhat puzzle-lite title.  Finally, Ninja Strike is the sequel to the hit Ninja Climb, and is an endless runner type game.

For the Vita crowd, Natsume is promising a new title for the system:  A new game in the Reel Fishing series.  While the official name was not revealed in the post, CeeCee states that more information about the Vita game will be revealed at the event.

This is Reel Fishing.  Not the Vita version, mind you.

This is Reel Fishing. Not the Vita version, mind you.

Last but not least, Natsume is teasing three (!) as of now unrevealed Nintendo games for the event.  As for what Nintendo systems they are for is currently unknown, but Natsume states that these three are not part of any Virtual Console eShop titles they are planning on releasing.  Is one of them perhaps this mysterious new Harvest Moon game that was just announced for the 3DS…?

Community Manager CeeCee states that more information will be forcoming between now and E3… and it looks like that’ll be a fair amount of information to look through!  Stay tuned!

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