Blizzard returns to Comic-Con with a few surprises

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that one fan gathering isn’t enough this year, so you can expect to see the World of Warcraft developer popping up at San Diego Comic Con as well.

Blizzard at Comic-Con

…exciting stuff!

We first saw Blizzard outside of its natural habitat at 2011 Comic Con, but the real bombshell came last year, when developers gathered to tease the upcoming Warcraft movie.

This year? Who knows! We’re promised “never-before-seen treasures”, licensed exclusives and “exciting product reveals”, but the details at this stage are still sketchy.

San Diego Comic Con is hitting the San Diego Convention Center from July 24-27 – tickets have well and truly sold out though, so if you’re not already set to go, you may have missed out.

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