Homefront returns for a Revolution

When Homefront was released back in 2010, the hype surrounding its release was beyond anything Kaos Studios expected. Sadly, that same hype was also the death nail in the games coffin. Although there was a great premise and universe in Homefront, the game proved little more than a by the numbers first person shooter. Something none of us needed in 2011 – a year rampant with military shooters.

After the demise of Kaos Studios, THQ brought Crytek Studios on board to craft something far superior for the sequel. Unfortunately, THQ are no more… but luckily it’s just been announced that Crytek and Deep Silver will be releasing Homefront: The Revolution next year on next-gen platforms and PC. Set in Philadelphia, four years into the occupation of the United States, Homefront: The Revolution will take the form of an open world shooter, with a focus on non-linear gameplay akin to the Hitman series.


Is that Delsin Rowe from Second Son? Fight the power!!!

We’re hopeful for Homefront: The Revolution here at Player Attack, not only because of Crytek’s exceptional track record with the FPS genre, but also because of the first games interesting, yet unrefined, premise. Homefront: The Revolution will release in 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Expect to hear more about this game in and around E3 next week.

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