Watch Tim Schafer play Grim Fandango

If you ever wanted to see Grim Fandango played the way it was meant to be played, Double Fine has heard your wishes – and the studio has delivered. Here, in all its online glory, is 90 minutes of developer Tim Schafer playing through the game, and talking all over the top of it.

The video was originally released as part of the Kickstarter project as a backer-only bonus, but it seems the time for exclusivity has gone and now Double Fine is making it available to everybody.

Of course, watching anyone play a game they know intimately is always fun (and often educational), but Schafer’s commentary adds a certain something to proceedings. Watch and learn which technology the team was most proud of (hint: It’s Manny’s ability to look at things), which movie inspired chunks of the game, and exactly why Resident Evil‘s tank controls were chosen as the ideal control scheme.

…on the other hand, if you’re not a fan of Grim Fandango and would prefer maybe to watch Schafer play something else, maybe try this playthrough of Full Throttle, or maybe this playthrough of Day of the Tentacle, or maybe… go outside in the sunshine.

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