Unreal Tournament prototype playable now

Just last week, we told you that Epic Games had gotten its brand new Unreal Tournament to a playable prototype stage. In case you didn’t believe us, you can now try it for yourself, as the company’s made a very (very) early version of the game available for download.

While the game itself will be free (when it’s ready for release), right now you have to either be a developer or prepared to pretend to be one, as prototype access requires a subscription to the Unreal Engine 4 toolset. That’s US$19/month, but – obviously – you get the entire suite of editing tools as well as (very) early access to the game.

Technically, there’s more than one prototype available for you to try out and comment on. One’s been created by Epic Senior Designer Nick Donaldson, but an assortment of forum members have already jumped in and made up their own.

There’s also been a focus on the UT weaponry systems. Nick’s created a blueprint prototype of a Flak Cannon and a Minigun, which was quickly found to be “a bit” overpowered.

To discuss the prototypes, the new weaponry, the Deathmatch game mode and all other things Unreal (or to download the new prototypes!), head to the Unreal Engine forums and jump in. How often can you say you’re given the opportunity to help develop a major release?

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