Our first look at the new Unreal Tournament prototype

Want to know what Epic Games has been getting up to? I’ll give you one hint: Unreal Tournament. Today, we’re treated to a video of a very early prototype of the game, showing off movement design.

The UT team played a few rounds of the original Unreal Tournament to “get a feel” for the movement and gameplay before jumping right into the new version. Be warned – the game is super-early in development, so it’s not necessarily going to work as planned.

Movement is the current focus in the development community, with Epic senior designer Nick Donaldson leading the way in conversations about auto-climbing, dodging, sliding and jumping.

The new Unreal Tournament is being developed by Epic as well as the community, as a way to show off what the Unreal Engine 4 is truly capable of. It’s a completely free experience offered to anyone with an Unreal Engine account, and you can jump in right now.

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