Watch_Dogs smashes Ubisoft day one sales records

You might have expected this, given how much pre-launch buzz there was around the game, but now it’s official. Watch_Dogs is Ubisoft‘s fastest-selling game ever, with 24 hour sales figures going off the charts.

Exact figures are – predictably – being kept under wraps (but we’re guessing Aiden could probably track ’em down). Jonathan Morin, the game’s outspoken creative director, has a few words to say:

I once said that the buzz around Watch Dogs was driven by the incredible passion of our early fans. Today we broke the record for the biggest first-day sales in Ubisoft history. I can never say it enough: thank you everyone! We love you all for your passion and your creativity.

Post-release, things are looking a little different for the open-world extravaganza. Watch_Dogs reviews don’t seem to reflect the rabid early enthusiasm shown by gamers, with many commenting that the game simply does not live up to its potential.

That said, Ubisoft is anticipating selling more than 6 million copies of the new game, and with first-day records falling like dominoes, we anticipate it’s not going to be far off.

Earlier this week, Watch_Dogs made headlines even before it was released. An Australian PR stunt for the game prompted a call to the bomb squad after a mysterious black box delivered to a newsroom started ticking, while a pirated copy reportedly contained a Bitcoin miner.

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